Five Ways To Pie
Starring these models:
"Sunni's Five Favorite Ways To Pie Someone."

Sunni finds herself an only slightly unwilling victim in Mackenzie so she can show us her five favorite ways to pie some. The Pie Sandwich

The Twist

The Pie And Slide

The Pie Push

The Big Splat

Kicking off with the pie sandwich, Sunni demonstrates her favorites while Mackenzie (All dressed for the gym!) sits and takes the lot!

Once she is done, Sunni runs through the list using her first six pies and Mackenzie gets to take a second round of freshly delivered pies!

Once Sunni's demonstration is over, she makes a very important point about piecing someone--you have to be prepared for some little revenge. We gave Mackenzie three buckets of slime to show revenge can be cold, green and gooey!

After all that, the highlight of this video could well be Mackenzie realizing that there are still some pies on the table and managing to sneak attack Sunny with not just one, but two pies in here face... then finishing Sunni of with a reverse pie sandwich!

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"Another Great Scene."
Again very good scene here. The Girls played the part very well. One thing I would say is, the video is they are alittle too short... Other than that its really good! IanThorne, 10/26/13
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